Before You Go Mobile: 28 Mobile Learning Questions to Ask

For many organizations who want to dive into mobile learning, it’s not just about the desire to create and deliver mLearning for employees –it’s about how to do it and how to do it well. It is essential for organizations to explore their online e-Learning including motivations, needs, restraints and requirements for mobile delivery before the development process begins.

Explore these 28 mobile learning questions to equip yourself with the best strategy and e-Learning tools for successful mobile development and implementation:

1 – 3. Explore Your Reasons to Develop Mobile Learning
Why should we develop mobile learning for our organization? Will mobile learning be the solution to a problem in our organization? Do we have a need that mobile learning will fill?
If you do not already know the answers, do some research to find out what employees need in the field and mobile access can do for them. Find out how mLearning will benefit and impact the organization as a whole and incorporate all findings into your overall plans and strategy.

4 – 8. Evaluate Your Resources for Mobile
Do we have the resources to properly develop and deliver mobile content? Do we have the budget and resources to task our team with developing mobile content? Does our team have the skills to develop for mobile or do we need to invest in training? Do we need to hire new team members? Do we have time to plan, develop and implement a complete mobile initiative?
Create a checklist and plan all the resources, team members, finances and time you will need for mobile learning and compare alongside your ideas for delivery. This will determine your capabilities for mobile and creates a solid foundation before you begin.

9 – 15. Consider the Technology
What are the technological requirements? Do we have the e-Learning tools to develop mobile content? How will we deliver? Does our LMS support mobile? What mobile devices will we target? Will we use a native application? Mobile application?
Make sure that you have the proper technologies in place and determine what additional technologies you need to create and deliver mobile learning successfully. Since technology changes so frequently, stay on top of your research and always know the latest developments for mLearning.

16 – 20. Determine the Content You Will Include
What type of content should we include? Will our mobile learning content consist of job aids and performance support? What materials will we provide access to? What resources will we include? Will it be interactive?
You always want to plan the course before you design and develop, but in the case of mobile delivery, it is best to know all the details of your training materials before you think about development. This way, you can make sure you have the appropriate tools and delivery methods. Different types of content require different types of development and technologies to consider.

21 – 24. Integrate Mobile Learning into Your Existing e-Learning
How do we incorporate mLearning into our overall e-Learning strategy? Will we develop mobile learning as a complementary resource to our traditional online training? Will we deliver only essential material like performance support and job aids? Will we overlap training and performance support or will they be entirely separate?
You have many options to incorporate mobile learning into your overall training strategy. It is essential to figure out how you will successfully weave all e-Learning content into one concise and effective strategy.

25 – 28. Add Value and Enhance Employee Experience with Mobile
Will mobile learning add value to our employees? Will mobile learning enhance the job experience and performance of our employees? Will it make employees more productive? How can we evaluate this?
Make sure that your plans for mobile learning enhances and enriches employees’ experiences. Be sure to offer tools and information that will make their jobs easier, their tasks more manageable and tools to increase overall productivity. Evaluate your employees and team leaders to determine the value of mobile for your employees.

Explore these questions, pose more and collaborate with your team to find the answers as you take the first steps toward mobile learning in your organization. Craft a well-organized plan and checklist and gather feedback from those already involved in mobile learning to guarantee successful delivery.

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