The Best of e-Learning in October

This Halloween season, at Your Everything for e-Learning Place we decided we’re only giving out treats, no tricks! So we gathered up the best e-Learning articles from around the internet and listed them here as a special treat for you. Check them out:

  1. Motivate Your Learners! The Self-Determination Theory for e-Learning
  2. Take a look at the Self-Determination Theory and how it applies to e-Learning.
  3. Top 10 Branching Scenario Techniques
  4. See how to engage your learners with the top ten branching scenario techniques.
  5. The Essentials of Typography for e-Learning
  6. Read this primer on typography and find out how you can make your e-Learning beautiful!
  7. Game Element: Rewards
  8. Gamification expert Karl Kapp takes you through the different types of rewards in games.
  9. Trends We’re Watching in the e-Learning World
  10. Keep up with the latest e-Learning trends—all in one place! This article shares all the latest news.
  11. How to Work With Grids and Guides in Lectora
  12. Learn how to use the layout and design guide, described by the eLearning Brothers as “one of the most helpful, underutilized, and misunderstood tools in the Lectora® developer’s arsenal.”
  13. The Seductive Power of Story
  14. Learn how to trigger learning at a deeper level through the immersive nature of storytelling.
  15. Designing Virtual Training – A Planning Tool
  16. Conquer the challenge of creating virtual training with this planning tool, brought to you by the training experts at InSync Training.
  17. Why Consider an EPS Readiness Assessment?
  18. Embedded Performance Support (EPS) is gaining traction among training organizations. Before taking the leap, check out these tips on ensuring your organization is ready for EPS.
  19. Mentoring in a Millennial World
  20. This article from Chief Learning Officer takes a look at the mentoring relationships millennials are craving and how you can fill their needs.

We hope you enjoyed these e-Learning Halloween treats—and we bet your dentist will approve!

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