Engage Your Learners with a Zombie e-Learning Scenario

Zombies are the latest trend in entertainment—so why not add them to your e-Learning course? That’s what Rebekah Ostrander and Angel Tracy did!At the recent 2014 Lectora® User Conference in Los Angeles, California, Rebekah and Angel showed us how they created a zombie-themed scenario at Grays Harbor Community Hospital. You can use a popular trend in entertainment—think vampires, werewolves, dragons—to get your learners engaged and interacting with your course.Check out their top tips for making a successful and engaging e-Learning scenario:

  1. Choose a creative theme.Rebekah and Angel used a zombie apocalypse theme, which is currently a popular theme in movies, television and books. Your learners will connect with a theme that’s relevant and on-trend.
  2. Keep it simple. Angel explained how she built the zombie module in a simple way to save time. If you have a short timeline—or a limited budget—but want to create an engaging scenario, just keep everything simple as you’re building it in Lectora. A creative and well thought-out theme can do a lot for engagement!
  3. Design a “Choose your own adventure” style.People like to be in control, so giving your learners the option to choose their own adventure will motivate them to complete the course. Plus, it’s easy to design a simple scenario and give learners the power of choice.
  4. Organize your ideas with a storyboard flow chart.Rebekah and Angel organized their ideas in a flow chart-style storyboard. This is a good visual way to see all the options and paths for each choice throughout the course.
  5. Take advantage of the tools in Lectora Inspire.Angel added audio and video to their zombie scenario, along with photos and text to show the outcome of each choice. She said that it was easy to use Camtasia® and Snagit® to edit the audio, video and images.

Start brainstorming scenario themes that you can use today! It’s easy to engage your learners with a creative theme and the powerful tools in Lectora.For more e-Learning tips and info from the 2014 Lectora User Conference, subscribe to the Lectora e-Learning Blog.