Enhance Lectora e-Learning Courses with Embedded Objects

Lectora® e-Learning software is an adaptable tool with flexible parameters that you can use to create almost anything you need for your e-Learning course content or training. The native functionality of Lectora can be built on, as demonstrated in Mike Raines and Damian Liska’s session, Leveraging Lectora’s Objects and Interfaces to Communicate with Embedded Objects, at the Lectora User Conference.

Attendees at the Lectora User Conference

In this session, attendees learned how to create high levels of interactivity between Lectora and embedded objects, using JavaScript. Mike and Damian went through the steps needed to set up communication between Lectora and Flash SWF files using JavaScript to:

  • Maintain a button state
  • Trigger Lectora Action Groups from within a SWF on the page

Embedded objects are a great supplement to e-Learning courses, due to their ability to enhance course content. Mike and Damian shared detailed instructions to set up communication between Lectora and Flash SWF files, that included how to:

  • Set up the variables needed in Lectora
  • Set up JavaScript to react to and respond to External Interface Call
  • Import External Interface Class in Flash
  • Set up External Interface Call in ActionScript

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