How to Create Rollovers, Pop-ups and Branching for Lectora e-Learning Software

Lectora® e-Learning software provides the building blocks to create almost any scenario e-Learning developers dream up. In Diane Elkins’ session at the Lectora User Conference, “Rollover, Pop-Ups and Branching Uncovered,” attendees learned how to leverage these Lectora building blocks to create powerful e-Learning interactions. Here are a few quick tips for interactivity from Diane:

To create a rollover that shows and hides one item:

  • Create the item to be rolled over (item 1)
  • Create the item to appear (item 2)
  • Make item 2 initially not visible
  • On the rollover item 1, add two actions:
  • On Mouse Enter, show item 2 to appear
  • On Mouse Exit, hide item 2

Tip: Stay away from rollovers in your mobile content.

To create a pop-up that shows and hides a single item:

  • Create the item to be clicked (item 1)
  • Create the item to appear (item 2)
  • Make item 2 initially not visible
  • On the clickable item 1, and one action:
  • On click, show item 2 to appear

Tip: Double check to be sure that the pop-up is invisible and confirm that you pair the right actions with the right pop-up.

To build simple or complex branching scenarios:

  • Build first: Storyboard or design your scenario without content, just using the naming convention of “Question 1, 2, 3, etc.” and “Good” or “Bad” answer options (see diagram below)
  • Content second: Add content after you create and build the scenario

Tip: As Diane says, the key to branching is not the authoring tool; it’s your brain and a pen.

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