Immerse Yourself in Interactivity—Tips from the eLearning Brothers


Our 2015 Lectora® User Conference presenters were such a hit in Nashville! This year’s conference received some amazing feedback, and we were so happy with all our speakers. If you’ve been a longtime Lectora user, you know that sometimes we bring an LUC presenter back for an encore in the form of an Inspiration Wednesday webinar.

Adam Leibler from the eLearning Brothers presented “Creating Interactive, Immersive Learning for PC and Mobile Use” in Nashville AND graciously agreed to come back and present again for our Inspiration Wednesday crowd.

Here are a few things attendees learned from his presentation:

1. What not to do on an iPad.


(Adam did note during the Q&A at the end that Androids are much more friendly toward interactive eLearning than Apple devices. 10 points for my Samsung Galaxy phone!)

2. Saving custom fonts as images to ensure they display correctly on all devices.

3. Creating swipe navigation to enhance the mobile experience.

Adam shared many more great tips during his presentation. Viewers also learned that you are actually supposed to pronounce .GIF with a soft ‘g,’ like Jif peanut butter… I’ve been saying it wrong for years!

Now go watch the entire awesome presentation on the Trivantis Community!

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