Introducing ReviewLink 1.0 for Collaborative e-Learning Review

Take your e-Learning course review process to new heights with the easiest and most robust online course review tool, ReviewLinkTM 1.0. Releasing today, ReviewLink 1.0 simplifies and enhances the entire e-Learning review cycle from initial course development to the final review. With the streamlined ability to publish and review online training titles to the cloud, ReviewLink 1.0 is a practical and convenient way for team members to work collaboratively, anytime and anywhere.The ReviewLink 1.0 review cycle is simple and intuitive:

  • Initiate the review cycle by simultaneously sharing your Lectora® titles with your team via email invitations, while publishing your titles directly to ReviewLink
  • Reviewers leave edits and comments on individual pages within the presentation, making it easy for the author to make changes and edits to the title based on comments and feedback left by reviewers
  • Communicate fluidly and keep your team updated throughout the entire cycle of the review process by tracking the status of comments, edits and republished tiles. Authors mark edits as “fixed” to notify reviewers that their comments have been addressed
  • Reviewers confirm that the author’s updates address their comments and concerns to complete the review cycle

Following the ReviewLink Beta, we received overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients who believe this tool fills a void in the e-Learning market for easy and quick course review. During this beta, we collected feedback and requests and have just added the following new updates:Reviewing Updates

  • Add Attachments – Reviewers have the option to include attachments in comments to provide access to additional materials such as PDFs, PowerPoint files and Word documents
  • Download Comment Attachments – Access associated files in comment attachments by download a zipped file
  • Create a PDF of Comment Threads – Create a PDF containing an entire comment thread to easily view and share comments amongst the review team
  • Create Comment Reports – To display and organize feedback, download a CSV report of all comments in the My Comments list for use in Excel
  • Send Emails to Publisher – Reviewers can easily create and send email messages to content authors from within ReviewLink
  • Import/Export Reviewers & Groups – Bulk import and export CSV-formatted lists of reviewers to save time

Notification Updates

  • Customize Notifications – Stay up to date about actions within ReviewLink by tweaking your Notification Settings
  • Publishers receive notifications when reviewers submit comments or update comment statuses.
  • Reviewers receive notifications when someone responds to their comments and when content is set to be “open” or “closed” for further comments by the publisher
  • Due Date Notifications – Team members now receive an automatic notification when the due date for comments is approaching
  • Notify Reviewers of New Content – Authors have an option to send reviewers notifications when they add new versions of titles to ReviewLink
  • Completion of Review Notification – Reviewers can immediately alert authors when they finish reviewing content
  • Indicate Time Zone – Display your time zone to eliminate confusion

ReviewLink is a free tool for Lectora X.6 e-Learning software users current on maintenance. Users can publish and store up to 5 courses on ReviewLink for free. Users also have the option to purchase additional course space, depending on their needs. ReviewLink is included as an additional tool in Lectora Inspire and Lectora Publisher Version X.6.For more information about ReviewLink 1.0 capabilities, or to try out the collaborative review tool with a free 30-day trial, visit: Lectora e-Learning Software.