Jamming with Lectora: NELUG e-LearningTips & Tricks

One of the most wonderful things about rapid eLearning with Lectora is that one’s geographic location is irrelevant. No matter where you are, Lectora eLearning software makes it easy to create and share eLearning content and news with anyone around the world. A great illustration of the sharing power of eLearning is NELUG: the New England Lectora Users Group. Based in the upper northeastern corner of the United States, NELUG Chairperson Lauren Gillenwater hosts virtual meetings four times a year, allowing board members to come together over the Internet and share Lectora demonstrations, tips and ideas. Today’s blog features highlights from NELUG’s most recent virtual meeting.NELUG began their last meeting with a segment called “Jamming with Lectora,” a series of demonstrations hosted by board member Doreen Telles. After using Lectora for about a year, Telles recently created six rapid eLearning courses in Lectora covering a variety of topics from Driving Safety to Stress Management. By sharing these courses with the group, Telles was able to demonstrate a number of ways that users can customize their rapid eLearning content in Lectora. For example, a course entitled “Extreme Makeover” showed attendees how to use Lectora Flash animated characters to present content and how the Lectora PhotoViewer can incorporate mini-slideshows into courses. Another course called “Stress Management” featured the Lectora Flip Card functionality that allows the course creator to present content and conduct “knowledge checks.”After the demonstrations, attendees joined the conversation by asking for help from other users, or by sharing tips and techniques they had discovered while working in Lectora. During this segment, Gillenwater recommended Snagit for Lectora, a part of the Lectora Inspire bundle that allows users to capture anything on their computer screen, combine images, add effects and more. Lectora Inspire includes Flypaper for Lectora, Camtasia for Lectora and Snagit for Lectora all in one product to make online course development fast and simple.Finally, the meeting was wrapped up with a review and brainstorming session. NELUG’s next topic on their agenda is to cover different ways to use variables in Lectora.In the future, Gillenwater hopes that all NELUG members will be able to tune into their meetings. Until then, join NELUG and get in on the highlights by visiting their website at www.nelectorausers.com! Anyone is welcome to join, whether they live in the New England region or not.Lectora has 15 user groups located in cities throughout the world. Groups are founded by Lectora users who want to build local networks of people to share ideas and techniques about Lectora and eLearning. For more information or to join a group, visit our website at http://trivantis.com/elearning-user-groups.