Lectora User Conference iPad2Winners Announced!

At the 2011 Lectora User Conference, three individuals went above and beyond to show their dedication and appreciation for Lectora, as well as the conference itself. With three ways to win an iPad2 at the LUC, these attendees were worthy of the prize for their efforts.Jay Lambert, Integrated Learning Services – Winner for Social Media MentionsWhen the conference began, Jay’s Twitter handle became well known amongst attendees for go-to information regarding presentations, quotes from speakers and good online conversation. Throughout the next three days, and the following week, he tweeted, posted on Facebook and blogged about the conference, utilizing social media to connect with fellow Lectora users. Here are some of his informative tweets and posts throughout the LUC.

Twitter:@LambertJay #2011LUC #Lectora conference attendees receiving free Snap! Licenses #elearning@LambertJay Elliott Masie now speaking at #2011LUC #Lectora ’learning is changing. Learning is going to happen at the Moment of Need’@LambertJay Next up-> closing session; always disappointed when this conf ends #2011LUC #Lectora@LambertJay Thanks! But my thumbs are tiring RT @bshermcincy @LambertJay I give up. Just retweeting you. More concise, clearer.@LambertJay Twitter rocks! #2011LUC #LectoraFacebook: “I’m really looking forward to experimenting with Snap! as soon as I catch up from being at the Lectora User Conference all last week. Well worth it.”

Jay Lambert at the 2011 Lectora User Conference

Joe Suarez, Micro Center – Winner for Testimonials/Quick Tips

During the conference, Joe offered his testimonial, highlighting how he uses Lectora to create graphics and interactivity for online training courses. He’s found success creating branching scenarios within Lectora.“I think Lectora is a great tool because it allows you to natively create full-fledged courses on its own, then you can go in and add things from other programs, such as Photoshop, if you need to.”Tom Scales, Security Awareness, Inc. – Winner for Testimonials/Quick TipsTom recorded a testimonial to explain his use of Lectora and how it benefits Security Awareness, Inc. Before, employees at his company just used HTML-based learning for clients. Then, they found Lectora and were able to use the program to create professional products. They also use CourseMill Learning Management System, which they chose because of its affordable price and smooth integration with Lectora.“Lectora’s made our company what it is today,” Scales said. “[It] let us start from not knowing anything about eLearning to developing professional courseware. We’ve ventured into other areas of eLearning as well. We’ve built custom material for clients [at their request].”Submitting a testimonial and tweeting about the conference were simple ways to join the contest to win an iPad2, and show true appreciation for the Lectora product line and the LUC. Congratulations to our winners!Thank you to all of the attendees who tweeted, interacted on social media, submitted quick tips and recorded testimonials. All of your involvement and support truly made this year’s conference the best yet!