Lectora User Conference Showcase: PepsiCo

Session Information:PepsiCo: Bringing Learning to a Mobile WorkforceThursday, May 24 12:45–2:00 p.m.Join Marvin Mullins Senior Specialist, Frito-Lay Sales Capability & Training as he takes you on a journey detailing how PepsiCo, using Lectora® e-Learning software, successfully instituted a robust mobile learning project to reduce the financial impact that occurs with instructor led reinforcement training. This session will uncover the challenges and successes faced by PepsiCo as they developed a unique mobile learning program for the organization.Experience and Expertise:Marvin Mullins is an award-winning Senior Specialist at Frito-Lay Sales Capability and Training, a division of PepsiCo. With extensive experience in the e-Learning field, Marvin has a depth of knowledge that he will apply to this session and share with attendees.Why You Should Attend:Attendees will learn how PepsiCo uses Lectora to create short courses for use on mobile devices. Courses are comprised of a mix of video, audio, role-based scenarios and discussions. Courses are developed within Lectora and delivered to an audience of 4,000 using the Mobile Learning solution provided by Intuition. Attendees will see firsthand how PepsiCo implemented and manages the mLearning project.

The eighth annual Lectora User Conference, held in the heart of downtown Chicago, is just days away. For more information about the conference, including the complete conference agenda, please visit the Lectora User Conference website.