LIVE from the Lectora User Conference: Erik Wahl

Who can draw, and what happens to the creative river that flows through each of us? This was the question posed by visionary artist and business strategist Erik Wahl in the first few minutes of his inspiring and exhilarating keynote, The Art of Vision. Seamlessly blending his artistic vision with real-world business principles, Erik showed conference attendees how to push beyond the status quo by igniting their own creativity.While creating three live-on stage paintings, Erik’s impactful performance left attendees with a wealth of motivation, and a new perspective:

  • Quoting Pablo Picasso, Erik remarked that every child is an artist. The real challenge, however, is how to retain or rediscover the inner artist and reconnect to the childhood passion to unlock innovation. Once you connect to your inner artist and unlock the right side of the brain, new ideas are able flow freely. These new ideas position organizations to rise above competition.
  • The act of reconnecting with your inner-artist and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone helps us break outside of the norms that are prevelant in all industries. The ROI on creativity is limitless, and new ideas often lead to the ignition of employee engagement – principles that can be applied to online computer-based training.
  • Don’t let other people limit your potential creativity. Reawaken your imagination by finding new ways to become engaged not only with yourself, but with employees, and your audience.

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