LIVE from the Lectora User Conference: Keynote Jeremy Gutsche

Jeremy Gutsche had the audience on their feet as he kicked off the 2012 Lectora User Conference with his thrilling opening Keynote presentation, “Exploiting Chaos: Sparking Innovation During Times of Change.” TV host, author and Chief Trend Hunter at opened this year’s conference sharing the most popular collection of cutting edge trends in the world today.

His presentation gave the audience the opportunity to learn brainstorming techniques and creative ideas for their e‑Learningand training.

Jeremy had the crowd engaged in his presentation as he explained how culture is the framework for how your employees and customers react to your organization.

“In all industries, innovation starts by observing your customers,” said Gutsche. He shares not to just engage with your learners’ culture but become obsessed with your learners. You need to interact, motivate and empower your learners to create something that connects your story that will make it travel faster than ever. “Relentlessly obsess about your story,” said Gutsche.

Jeremy Gutsche was a thrill to listen to and was the perfect way to start this year’s conference. His ideas and enthusiasm sparked motivation and inspiration in a way that will leave a powerful impact on conference attendees. As a special gift to attendees from Jeremy, visit his Lectora User Conference Extras Page and receive free resources and a copy of his new interactive e-book.

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