LUC 2016 Session Sneak Peek Part 2

Are you counting down the days until the 2016 Lectora® User Conference? It’s okay—we are too! While you’re waiting, let’s take a look at a few of the great sessions you could attend in Fort Lauderdale. And don’t forget to take a look at the full schedule here. Ready to dig in and learn some tricks? This workshop session, Sneaky Tricks to Quicken QA, Facilitate Feedback, and Create an Elegant User Experience, will do just that!

“In this lab, I will teach three sets of Sneaky Tricks that all harness the power of variables,” says John Mortenson, Chancellor and Online Learning Manger for The Fresh Market. “Ultimately, the goal is to show how to think programmatically and use VARIABLES to solve logistical problems. We start easy and get harder as we go.”

Want to get interactive? Build yourself a good foundation in Concrete Strategies for Building Interactive Courses.

“With Lectora, we transform content into engaging, highly interactive courses that help the learner understand and retain the information. Using examples from our trainings [for state government employees], we will discuss the logic and planning behind the interactions, then show learners how we built them using Lectora,” says Penny Kurtz, instructional designer for the Professional Development Program, at the State University of New York at Albany. “Examples include click to reveal content pages and a variety of interactions. Participants will leave with new ideas and insights into using Lectora to build engaging, interactive courses.”

Feeling lucky? Discover winning strategies in I Won on Jeopardy! Using Lectora to Find Your Inner Winner with Angel Tracy of Grays Harbor Community Hospital.

“Having the same content delivered in the same manner every year becomes tedious with little or no motivation to learn. Lectora provides GHCH with an opportunity to modify boring annual content to motivate the learning process through competition and interaction,” says Angel Tracy. “This session will show how to motivate learning through healthy competition using a Jeopardy-theme module, how to create a Jeopardy learning game with transparent buttons and actions, and how to use variables to keep track of user scores.”

Still haven’t registered? It’s never too late! (Well, okay, May 20 would be too late to register. Don’t wait until then.)

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