Q&A With Trivantis CEO on the Recently Announced Trivantis Acquisition

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Exciting news: Trivantis® has announced that it was acquired by StoneCalibre, a private investment company.What does this mean for you as our customer? For the answer to that, we interviewed Trivantis CEO, Lori Lynne Todd.Q: “What can customers expect from Trivantis now that it has been acquired?”A: “It’s business as usual. Customers can expect the same great products, people, and service that they have grown to love. Trivantis has a really talented, knowledgeable team that has been laser-focused on the success of our customers. That’s not going to change. Customers can expect our product and engineering teams to continue working on making our Lectora® and ReviewLink™ products even more powerful, while we make the UI more intuitive and easier to use. And CourseMill® customers have seen us increase the size and talent of the product and engineering team working on CourseMill so that we can accelerate innovation there. That will continue.Customers can expect improvements in execution where we see an opportunity to make them, and growth through internal development or external acquisition where those provide great value to our customers.And in the background, we have new technology-focused investors who are very keen to grow the company so that a lot more customers can benefit from our solutions.”Q: “What can you tell us about StoneCalibre?”A: “I’ve had the opportunity to work with them closely. They are a highly professional investment team and have been a pleasure to work with. They bring tech industry expertise, a track record of strengthening the businesses they acquire, and additional resources to help us grow. They see a big opportunity in the expanding eLearning marketplace, which is why they acquired Trivantis.”Q: “Does Trivantis see the change as a positive?”A: “Absolutely. The acquisition provides much greater breadth of tech-experienced talent at the top, as well as access to growth capital, which will allow us to focus even more deeply on the task at hand—making our customers successful with our products and building our presence in the marketplace with new prospects.”Q: “On a different note, customers have been asking how our Florida development team is doing with Hurricane Matthew threatening Florida.”A: “We were all extremely fortunate. The storm passed our development office and team’s homes while still a good distance offshore. There was minimal impact, and provided there aren’t any issues with local power, the team will be back in the office next week. Thanks to everyone who has called for their concern.”