Thursday’s Trending e-Learning Topic: Social Learning

This Thursday, the trending topic is social learning! Social learning has been around since the late 1970s, when psychologist Albert Bandura established the theory of social learning. Since then, many companies and educators have implemented formal social learning plans, especially now that social media has an important role in the e-Learning industry.One example of social learning that can be applied to e-Learning is Twitter chats. You can search hashtags like #eLearning or #Lectora to see what people are talking about! Crowdsourcing is another way to collect knowledge and discussion from a group of people by asking a question. This can be done through email or social networks. More examples of social learning are videos, infographics or Skype-calling your colleagues.Since Lectora® is Your Everything for e-Learning Place, we’ve collected a ton of free resources to help you use social learning to your advantage:

  1. Read this blog to get the scoop on Pinterest and how it can help you with e-Learning research, organization and inspiration:Finding e-Learning Inspiration on Pinterest
  2. Watch this video on using Social Web Objects in Lectora V11:Utilizing the PowerPoint Import Tool and Social Web Objects
  3. Check out these free apps that will help you organize and personalize all the great e-Learning tips on social media and the news:Friday Finds: 10 Free Apps to Personalize Your News Sources
  4. Follow Lectora on all our social media, so you can get the latest news and updates of new blog posts and industry events:TwitterLinkedInFacebookGoogle+Pinterest
  5. Learn social learning best practices for your organization in this blog post:Social Learning Best Practices for the Workplace
  6. Lectora Express – The Easy LMS is great for sharing informal content like videos and Web-based content on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Watch this video to learn more about how easy it is to use this learning management system:Introducing Lectora Express – The Easy LMS
  7. Last, check out the top three growing social learning trends this year:Social Learning Trends 2013

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