Turn PowerPoint Storyboards into Rapid e-Learning Masterpieces

Snap! by Lectora® rapid e-Learning software is a flexible and powerful PowerPoint plug-in tool that makes rapid e-Learning content creation super speedy. To further save on development time, many e-Learning professionals draft out their course, or storyboard, using PowerPoint software. But have you thought about turning your storyboard directly into your rapid e-Learning course? Make your storyboards work overtime and your e-Learning projects will move even faster.

Here’s how you can make development even faster, and convert your storyboard into a rapid e‑Learning masterpiece:

Add video
Import a YouTube video or record your own video narration using the Record Video feature in Snap! by Lectora.

Reformat text
Set up your text to complement the other aspects of each slide. This could include text styles, images, background and more.

Add images and other multimedia

  • Audio - Use the Record Narration function to record within Snap! by Lectora natively.
  • Attachments - Attach PDFs, Excel spreadsheets or PhotoShop files and more to your Snap! by Lectora presentation. These documents are displayed in the Info Pane of published courses.
  • Surveys and Quizzes - Add gradable quizzes and survey polls to increase interactivity and engagement.
  • Flash animations - Add existing SWF or FLV files to Snap! by Lectora or create your own using Snap! Empower™ Flash interactions builder. Once the presentation is published, learners get full access to all the exciting Flash additions.

With these tips in hand, rapid e-Learning content creation has never been easier! Download a free 30-day trial of Snap! by Lectora and Snap! Empower and get started creating fabulous PowerPoint presentations today.