Using Lectora & CourseMill to Create an Easy Access iPad Course

An iPad is the new paper, or at least that’s the case for Alaska Airlines. Last year, the airline made the decision to purchase every pilot an iPad to remove the heavy manual books, save money and make their flight deck green. At the 2012 Lectora User Conference, Cody Hargreaves and Rick Pilling from Alaska Airlines explained how they use Lectora® e-Learning Software and CourseMill® learning management system to make an easy access training course delivered on iPads for their pilots to bring on board.

Cody Hargreaves demonstrates how to create mobile learning

for the iPad at the 2012 Lectora User Conference

In their presentation, Hargreaves and Pilling share the steps they took to come to the decision that an iPad was the best platform to use in their on-board training initiative. Here are five ideas to consider when creating or converting an e-Learning course with Lectora and CourseMill on the iPad.

No Auto-Play of Audio and Video Files: When building your course to be compatible with an iPad, you cannot have your audio or video automatically play when the learner first visits the screen (this is a setting created by Apple). Make sure you use an icon that clearly shows the user they need to manually press play to view.

This is a screenshot of the media settings within Lectora for mobile content

No Flash: iPads will not play Flash content. If you are converting an already created course for the mobile device, remember to remove all actions that need a Flash component to function properly.Formats: MP3 for audio and MP4 for video are the best formats to use in your iPad course. WAV files are far too large to utilize in a mobile course.

Consider Button Size: Remember that the iPad is a touch screen. Keeping the same size buttons from a previous computer-based course may not be the best option. Consider finger size and adjust the size of the button to be more user friendly to the learner.

This example compares the button size differences of computer versus mobile device

Page Size: iPad display screens are much smaller than a typical computer screen. Set your page size to 1024×667 to fit all your content on the screen.

This image represents the pixel settings for mobile content

Mobile learning is continuously growing and has become a major trend in the e-Learning industry. Understanding these key ideas to make your e-Learning course function and easy for your learners to use is essential to make your mobile course fantastic.To access more useful tips and tricks to help you in Lectora, visit Lectora University for more step-by-step videos, helpful how-tos, webinars and more! To learn more about Lectora and our entire line of e-Learning solutions, please visit the Lectora website.