What e-Learning Development Style Are You?

Remember those fun personality quizzes, such as “What 90s sitcom do you belong on?” or “What’s your dream vacation destination?” Today, we have a fun e-Learning quiz for you—from your friends at Your Everything for e-Learning Place.Answer the questions below to discover what e-Learning development style you are:

  1. Where is your development team located?A. We’re all in the same office.B. We’re scattered—throughout the country or even around the world.
  2. What computer will you be using to develop e-Learning?A. PC all the way!B. I’m more of a Mac person.
  3. How do you feel about additional tools that make it easier to create screen recordings and voiceovers?A. Yes, bring on the screen recordings and voiceovers!B. Online development is more important to me than additional tools like these.
  4. Where do you prefer to save your courses, media and other files?A. I just save them on my computer.B. I’d rather save files in the cloud.
  5. How important is anywhere, anytime e-Learning development to you?A. Eh, it’s not crucial.B. I’d prefer anywhere, anytime.

So, what did you get? Count up how many A or B answers you have, and look below to find your e-Learning development style!

Mostly A.You’re a desktop developer at heart! Your e-Learning team is in one location, and you also enjoy the benefits of additional tools that make it easier to create screen recordings and voiceovers for your courses.Try full-featured desktop development with a free trial of Lectora® Inspire. It comes with Flypaper™, Camtasia® and Snagit®, so you can easily add that extra pizzaz. Plus, you can review with your team using ReviewLink™.Mostly B.You’re livin’ right in the cloud—at least when it comes to your e-Learning development. You and your team like the convenience of being able to create content anywhere, anytime, whether you use a PC or Mac.See what it’s like in the cloud with a free trial of Lectora® Online.

Remember, this quiz is just a fun way to show you the benefits of each development style! Don’t worry if you use one tool but got the opposite answer. We just wanted to show you some benefits of both that maybe you didn’t know before!For more e-Learning fun like this, along with development tips, resources and news on the latest trends, subscribe to the Lectora e-Learning Blog.