What Makes Good e-Learning, m-Learning and Social Learning Content?

What makes good content? That’s what we talked about in one of our new Lectora® Unscripted webinars. In case you haven’t heard, Lectora Unscripted is an informal discussion led by learning technology expert Simon Birt. The series is designed to give you the opportunity to ask questions and share your ideas with other Lectora users through Twitter @Lectora.Let’s look at a few of the differences between e-Learning, mobile learning and social learning content that Simon Birt shared:e-Learning Content The training department often takes ownership of e-Learning content. Other departments provide consultation and approval during the development process.

Mobile Learning Content Mobile learning demands involvement and management from the business unit because they’re often the ones who are delivering on-the-go training materials or performance support.

  • Percent of Learning Needs Addressed: More than 20%.
  • Technology Needed: A mobile learning tool, an LMS and an authoring tool to create the mobile content.
  • Standards: Universal standards haven’t been established yet, but always make sure you use mobile-compatible file types.

Social Learning ContentEmployee development is the focus of social learning content. Employee empowerment and community management are required. Employees must actively take part in sociallearning—because it impacts thoughts, ideas, collaboration and knowledge exchange.

  • Percent of Learning Needs Addressed: More than 20%.
  • Technology Needed: Social networks, easy publishing tools and a media server.
  • Standards: There aren’t any necessary standards, but it’s good to have social policies. For example, you can provide guidelines for what your organization considers appropriate content to be posted.

Watch the full Lectora Unscripted video, “Good Content and e-Learning,” to learn more aboute-Learning, m-Learning and social learning content, along with how you can use this knowledge to deliver business value at your organization.

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