Lectora Inspire 12.0.1 | Release Notes


Lectora Inspire Version 12.0.1 (Lectora Only)

Run this update program to update Lectora Inspire 12 to 12.0.1. You will need to have Lectora Inspire 12 installed prior to running this service pack.Released:January 22, 2015Platform:Microsoft WindowsSystem requirements:Lectora Inspire 12Installation instructions:

  1. Download the Inspire_Update-v12.0.1.exe file.
  2. Double-click the Inspire_Update-v12.0.1.exe file.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

This service pack is available for download in the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Chinese
  • Brazilian Portuguese



  • X and Y values in the Status Bar will now update as an object is moved.
  • Issues with creating a Zip file during the publish process have been corrected to prevent Lectora from crashing.
  • Using the Photo Album wizard and selecting "Add Caption" for a jpg or png image will no longer cause Lectora to close.
  • Lectora no longer crashes when performing a “Save As” on a title with a button that has an altered state color.
  • Adding a new Text Style in the Button State dialog no longer causes Lectora to crash.
  • A Set State action with a missing target will no longer cause Lectora to close when changing to Run Mode.
  • Customized radio buttons, when using a non-Lectora provided image, will now display in Edit mode.

Text and Tables

  • Numbered lists used in a table have been corrected to display correctly.
  • Cells, rows, and columns can now be deleted from a table.
  • Text will now display properly when viewed in Internet Explorer 8.
  • The sizing, style and indentation of bullets in a table have been corrected.
  • Mixed number and bulleted lists in a text block have been fixed to display correctly.
  • Bulleted lists have been improved to line up properly when published.
  • Paragraph spacing will be honored for lists.


  • Buttons will correctly save the "Always on Top" property when a title is saved and reopened.
  • Lectora 11 titles with 3-frame GIF buttons will now load the resources correctly.
  • A tree-view style Table of Contents will now correctly display in Edit Mode when the scope is set to "For the Assignable unit".
  • Reflections have been improved to better align with the image.
  • Outlines for drop zones will now display correctly in Edit mode.
  • Lines with attached actions can now be selected to trigger Mouse Click actions.
  • HTML Extensions with server-side scripting are now handled appropriately in Run and Preview modes and when published.
  • Horizontal and vertical bar transitions have been corrected to use the appropriate transition.
  • Published images with borders are no longer 1 pixel bigger in size.


  • Transparent buttons will now display the visible focus indicator when the “Use Web Accessibility Settings” option has been selected.
  • Status Indicator icons now use the correct aria-label updated with the current status for improved accessibility.


  • Javascript errors have been corrected for published titles viewed in newer Internet Explorer versions that are set to run in older doc modes.
  • Javascript errors that prevented effects from displaying correctly on European machines have been corrected.