CourseMill 8.0 Release Notes

CourseMill 8.0 Release Notes

The following changes have been made to the CourseMill Product (Released on 29 August 2018) :

Issues Fixed

  • CM-126 - Start/End times are ignored for the first day when a session is created
  • CM-146 - Course Notifications Not Received
  • CM-173 - Evaluations page display is only showing those people in the A part of the alphabet
  • CM-184 - Deleting an org also does not delete the archived students for that org
  • CM-185 - Admins of an Org can 'Duplicate an Org'
  • CM-235 - Should not be able to have admin id = to student id
  • CM-322 - Manage Mobile Users is displaying for an Instructor of a NON-Mobile org
  • CM-415 - Reporters that have cc flag turned on are not getting email copies
  • CM-866 - Need to sanitized Student ID at the time of creation and update.
  • CM-867 - Inactive courses are not unenrolled from curriculum
  • CM-868 - If WCAG Assistance is turned on then Quick Launch Sco cannot be used
  • CM-878 - CatalogEnrollDTO requires password even if one is not needed
  • CM-879 - Organization SelfRegister notification being sent even if Inactive (API only issue)
  • CM-880 - Catalog Query still very heavy
  • CM-881 - Increase AddedInfo to 500 characters from 200
  • CM-886 - Creating new Org is setting description into base url
  • CM-889 - Email with special characters not being allowed
  • CM-893 - CMUI not redirecting correctly to LegacyUI
  • CM-895 - importFile cron job is not releasing lock
  • CM-897 - Text Search on catalog returning internal error.
  • CM-899 - HideCoursesBlockedByPrerequisites causes odd UI anomaly for Curriculum
  • CM-900 - LO RCD Courses not displaying correctly on iPhone
  • CM-902 - PayTrace requires Billing zipcode
  • CM-903 - If a FTPPort is not specified then report won't save
  • CM-904 - Change the wording for the timeout message.
  • CM-906 - Gradebook changes to courses in a curriculum doubling score on My Courses page
  • CM-907 - Duplicate Courses were being displayed in MyCourse list
  • CM-910 - Register user in curr is just showing course and not curriculum on user UI
  • CM-912 - Unable to import images to site


  • CM-705 - Create endpoint for Dashboard
  • CM-724 - Add Course Expiring Notification
  • CM-882 - Add FTP support for Reports
  • CM-901 - Add new property: AutoReenrollOpenSessionInCurriculums

*See Programming guide for additional details